What Is Your Korean Name? Find Your Korean Name Now

Because of the popularity of Korean Dramas, Kpop Music and the Korean language, a lot of foreigners have started to take an interest in Korean culture. And what other way to start learning culture than having a name of yours in that language? Even though many foreigners are learning the Korean language, but still it is not easy to learn especially if you are not staying in Korea. That’s why many people are having a tough time to have their own Korean name. But worry not! This post is only for you and I will tell you how you can have your own KOREAN NAME 🙂

Find Your Korean Name

Yes, in this post I will tell you what is your Korean name and how you can easily find your Korean name even if you don’t speak Korean.

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By the way, this is not an official guide, I just took help from some other famous blogs and created the mechanism on my own. You can have your own Korean name too – be it
Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok , Jun Ji Hyun or whatever 🙂

So let’s get started. Before getting started let me tell you that a typical Korean name has 3 syllables.

Last Name/ Family Name (first syllable) + First Name (second 2 syllables)

Image result for korean name format
Find Your Korean Name

Now, this Korean Name Generator i.e this method by Korea Diaries of Finding your Korean name depends on your Date of Birth.

a) Month of your birthday = 1st part of your Full Name i.e Family Name

b) Day of your birthday = Middle part of your full name

c) Last number of the year of your birthday = Last part of your full name

a) Month of your birthday = 1st Part of your Full Name

Find Your Korean Name – Korea Diaries

Seeing the above image, imagine that you were born in December, so your last name would be Bae (not the ENGLIS verison of Babe 😀 ). Or if you were born in May, your last name would be Kang i.e ?

b) Day of your birthday = Middle Part of your Name

Find Your Korean Name – Korea Diaries

Now seeing this image above, let’s say that you were born on 23rd, then the second part of your name would be Dong i.e ?. And if you were born on 18th, then the 2nd part of your name would be Sin i.e ?.

C) Last number of the Birthday Year = Last Part of Name


Find Your Korean Name – Korea Diaries

Now if you are a girl and were born in 1997 or 2007 then the last part of your full Korean name would be = Chae i.e ?


Find Your Korean Name – Korea Diaries

Now if you are a boy and were also born in 1997 or 2007, then the last part of your Full Korean name would be = Jun i.e ?


Based on the above examples let’s try to write the full Korean name. Imagine someone, who is a FEMALE, has the following birthday:

November 30th, 1990 so:

Last Name > November > Chae i.e ?
Middle Part > 30 > Seul i.e ?
Last Part > ‘0’ > Min i.e ?

Hence her full Korean Name would be = Chae Seum Min i.e ???

Check out my Vlog – Celebrating BTS Member JIMIN’s Birthday | Pakistani in Korea






* BTS Members Name (English and Korean)

Kim Seokjin = ???

Kim Namjoon = ???

Min Yoongi = ???

Jung Hoseok = ???

Park Jimin = ???

Kim Taehyung = ???

Jeon Jungkook = ???

Anyways, I hope you loved this method of writing your name in Korean and how easily you can have a Korean name.

Comment below with your Korean name and let me know how is it?


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  1. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your KOREAN NAME 🙂

  2. My Korean Name is kang Heyon Min.

  3. Hamza says:

    Its cool

  4. Taba says:

    Park Jeong Ra

  5. Haseeb ahmad says:

    My name in korean is( jo hwageun) .

  6. Starla says:

    Li Ju Mi

  7. Ayesha Naveed says:

    My name in korean is( Han Bo Min)

  8. Maddison says:

    Mine name is Park Bo-Libin

  9. erikka says:

    Li Do Min

  10. Diya says:

    Seo ji ah

  11. Korielle says:

    Li Hul Kyung
    Is it really a female Korean name? It doesn’t sound right to me? How do I find the meaning behind it?

  12. Sai lahari says:

    Kim ha rin

  13. Lucy says:


  14. Tyleigh says:

    Jang Seul Chae

  15. Anna says:

    Li Su Rin ion know which part is my last name opls help

  16. squid says:

    ?mine is Lim Jeong Mi

  17. Han says:

    awww , my name is Li Seo Min TnT
    and my brother’s name is Li Dong Hyeon

  18. Niranjana says:


  19. Bea says:

    Kang Eun ah

  20. Jillian says:

    Li jae rin

  21. Jillian says:

    Li jae rin

  22. Jillian says:

    Li jae rin

  23. Mochi says:

    Kim ye hui

  24. Autumn says:

    Seo Ju Li. 😀

  25. Wasa says:

    I like mine ?

    ??? – Bae Seon Hyeon

  26. Jayashree says:

    I didn’t get how to write my name in this

  27. Bia says:

    Seo seong Chae

  28. heaven says:

    Li jin rinuh

  29. I wanna go to Korea so far can meet my idols and try some kimbap and kimchi

  30. I wanna go to Korea so far can meet my idols and try some kimbap and kimchi

  31. Areum says:

    My name is Li Bo Ah…

    .what does it mean

  32. Alisha says:

    My Korean name is Yun Kyung Li.

  33. Kingahtsham says:

    My Korean name is (?Hye?Bae ?Hyeon ?)

  34. Nandhini says:

    Jo hyung mi

  35. Nandana says:

    Han Hye Mi

  36. Nandana says:

    Han Hye Mi

  37. stephanie says:

    Jang Si Ra

  38. KoreanMoArmyBlink says:

    Park Ye Ra

  39. reyleen joy deriada says:

    kim yuchae

  40. Marianne says:

    Chae Hyo Li

  41. Seo Yeon says:

    ??? / Li Jae Li. my irl name is Seo Yeon

    • Dapo Meinu says:

      Park Dong Ra / ???
      But isnt korean names based on chinese characters that symbolize something? Like beauty, wealth or success??

  42. Yashika says:

    Park yeong ra

  43. Love says:

    Chae Bo Lim

  44. deborahcallista says:

    Yun Si Ra

  45. Randa Toueche says:

    Park sin mi ?

  46. Eun Mi Kim says:

    My name is Kim Eun Mi???

  47. Paulo Samala says:

    Yum seUl. hyeok

  48. Avin says:

    Mines Jang Seo Chae ? …. Kind’a wierd

  49. Julie_ARMY06 says:

    Il mio nome coreano è Kim Eun Mi O.o

  50. Li Kyung Chae says:

    My name is Li Kyung Chae, i actually quite like it, thx 🙂

  51. Yun Jeong Li says:

    Yun Jeong Li

  52. Leilani Kennedy says:

    dont know if i did it right but… Seo Ye Chae

  53. neha says:

    my korean name ? ? ? ?

  54. Ashima Sharma says:

    My korean name bae bo li

  55. Mia Roberts says:

    Mine is le ye chae but I was trying to find my little cousin’s name but i couldn’t find 2012…

  56. Kyeong-Ri says:

    Kang Kyung Li

  57. Audrey says:

    Kim Yeon Chae.not bad

  58. Charlotte says:

    Chae Jae Mi

  59. RHOANNEaquio says:

    Lim jeongRa

  60. Mohammad Rahim says:

    Very helpful

  61. Mohammad Rahim says:

    Bae jae hyeon

  62. Sanjana says:

    Jo Hyeon Ra in Korean.
    Real name- Sanjana

  63. Wolfy says:

    Jo Seo Rin/Chae Ha Li

  64. Ee Earn Too says:

    Ha Han Min

  65. Nikki says:

    Chae Hwa Mi

  66. Tanvi says:

    Bae ju Ra??

  67. My name is Han YeLi !! ?

  68. Min si chae says:

    I got Min si chae Min Yoongi (suga) is my brother

  69. Shenna Panonce says:

    Bae Kyung Rin is my korean name. I love it???

  70. Rim says:

    My name us kim-ye yes or no
    Monthe of m’y birthday is octobre and m’y day of birthday is 8

  71. Muskaan says:

    Li Yeon Ae. I’m already liking this name, thanks a lot!

  72. Crystalline says:

    My name is Chae Hyo Min

  73. Sabab says:

    KIm SI-Hoo

  74. jan cedric rodavia says:

    The name is Yun Sin Ae Seop

  75. Rose says:

    Mine is: Kim Hyeon-Mi

  76. Albie gundayao says:

    Lim hyo min

  77. Caroline Layton says:

    Kim Ha Chae

  78. HAFSA ABBAS says:


  79. HAFSA ABBAS says:


  80. Joe Nathan B says:

    My name is Seo Seong Hui 🙂

  81. Joe Nathan B says:

    My name is Seo Seong Hun 🙂

  82. Joe Nathan B says:

    My name is Seo Seong Hun 🙂

  83. Beetroot Jamie says:

    my name is Kim Yeong Bin LOL

  84. Alya afiqah says:

    MY name is Park Jinli

  85. Sharanya Allani says:

    Kim Ju Hui

  86. Sheena Villanueva says:

    Kim Dong-Mi?

  87. Ritika says:

    Kang won na

  88. Zeeth says:

    Seo Jae Li

  89. Charlotte says:

    Rayu Seo

  90. Princess says:

    bae kyung rin

  91. Harin says:

    Kang Dong Chae! ?

  92. Park Do-mi says:

    Hi, My name was Park Do-mi haha

  93. Lily says:

    Park Hyeon-Li

  94. Lucia says:

    Jo Su min

  95. Skye says:

    My name is yun yeonli

  96. com3456.com says:

    I want to meet a real life oppa soon. Hope to fly to seoul this year.

  97. Samridhi says:

    My name is Han Seo Ah

  98. Shrutika says:

    My korean name is lim ji ae

  99. Shrutika says:

    Lim ji ae ???

  100. Shrutika says:

    Lim ji ae

  101. Shrutika says:

    Lim ji ae

  102. Shrutika says:

    Lim ji ae

  103. Shrutika says:

    Lim ji ae

  104. onphimon Ketniem says:

    Mine name is Seo lin Ra Im a girl

  105. Princess says:

    bae kyung li

  106. I am a Blink says:

    Li Hyeon Min

  107. My corean name seo do chae I.e

  108. Bianchi Snal says:

    Jang Hyeonchae

  109. Minsung says:

    Seo Ji-ah

  110. ??? says:

    Kim hwa ra

  111. Arya Anil says:

    My name is jo youeng li

  112. Gopika r says:

    Kang hyo ra

  113. Annie says:

    Park kyungmin

  114. pranitha sai redrouthu says:

    my name is jang yeon-chae

  115. Samridhi Singh says:

    Han Seo Ae

  116. Kang Si A says:

    Kim Sin MI

  117. Li hwa seop says:

    I dont get it my name is li hwa seop?? Whaaaat

  118. Barbs says:

    I dont get it my name is li hwa seop

  119. Rhythm Cothrine says:

    My Korean name is Kim hye ah

  120. arop says:

    Chae Je Lim

  121. Diana Kocieba Hørlyck says:

    ??? / park yeon mi

  122. jang seul chae says:

    Jang seul chae 🙂

  123. Charlene says:

    Jang Jae Ae ?

  124. Meghla says:

    Kim jeong na
    ? ?? ?

  125. Ayesha Asif says:

    Mine is Seo Eunra

  126. Viel Jullien Ilagan says:


  127. Viel Jullien Ilagan says:


  128. Samra says:

    Jo su hui

  129. Ally says:

    Bae jae rin

  130. Lisa says:

    Yun kung ra

  131. Bailey Newhalfen says:

    Bae Lin Li

  132. Tala says:

    Eun Chae Kang/? ?? May 3 2007 ?

  133. Lina says:

    Kim Eun Chae [???]

  134. Saniyah says:

    Ra eun ha

  135. Mia says:

    Seo Si Ae??

  136. _faraahx says:

    Bae Run Hui

  137. Folake says:

    Seo Don Li

  138. Black pink says:

    my name is seo ju chae
    In Korean it is ???
    Army blink once moa engene here

  139. ladashea Kelly says:

    Kang Yeon Mi

  140. manoj kumar says:

    park lin seop

  141. Hi says:

    Han Hye Mi

  142. Elsa Jenny Rijo says:

    Lim Bo Mi

  143. Aakriti says:

    Bae seon ae

  144. ,Jo bo chae says:

    My Korean name is jo bo chae,? ? ????

  145. SILVERSPELL says:


  146. heidi says:

    seo jang that is my name

  147. MMMM says:

    ??? li je hyeok

  148. Bianca says:

    Yun Seo Mi

  149. alyssa harrah says:

    Kang do chae

  150. BTS forever says:

    kim seul min

  151. Froilan says:

    Lim Lin seok

  152. Tae's beach? says:

    Bae Yeong Mi

  153. Bree says:

    Li soo hoon <3

  154. Vey says:

    Lim Eun-Na

  155. Hannah Mario says:

    Han In Min

  156. Lokesh Suthar says:


  157. brook says:

    Kim Su Rin \ Kim Soo Rin

  158. Ditas says:

    Kang Jeong Mi

  159. Giselle says:

    Bae Kyung

  160. Kpop stan? says:

    Dong-Li Seo

  161. Lim Ji Na is my korean name

  162. zacora says:

    Jang Ji Chae

  163. Kim SeonAh says:

    kim seon ah… i love my korean name and damn rana majid made this website!!! it is really amazing and lol the way he promoted bts in it too was aishhh YOU NICE KEEP GOING!!!!!!!

  164. Carlos says:

    Jang Kyung Seok

  165. soobin says:

    yun su li

  166. Yoongi_swxg says:

    Li Seo Rin

  167. Skye says:

    Park seong ah

  168. Subhan says:

    My name is korean ( jo kyunghyeon )

  169. Subhan says:

    Jo kyunghyeon

  170. X says:

    Li Dong Uh I am born in 2010 so Uh is incorrect

  171. Stupid Girl :) says:

    My name is Kang Yeon-Li

  172. Amnabts7 says:

    Kim jechae

  173. Fiola says:

    Ae seong kang?

  174. Jimin's Lost Jams says:

    Mine’s Jo Hwa-Li

  175. charlotte says:

    my korean name is YUN MYOENG RIN

  176. Shahzadi Manahil says:

    My name is Yun Ha Mi

  177. Btsforever says:

    Lim Ji Rin

  178. Karyme Trejo says:

    Park Borin

  179. Sristi says:

    My Korean name is Yun hyo chae ??

  180. Nishtha kapri says:

    My name is Domin Li

  181. Vaish says:

    Li hyomi

  182. Thea says:

    Kang Je Ae

  183. BTS 4 ever says:

    Mine is Kim Seul Rin

  184. Emelin says:

    Park Yerin

  185. Kim Teahyung says:

    Kang Myeong Rin

  186. air says:

    Jang Yeon Na = Jang Youna

  187. Haniya bashir says:

    Li kyong Na

  188. Stephanie says:

    My name is Lim Hyeong Mi

  189. Benecia says:

    Kim Myeong Ae

  190. Youknow says:

    My name is Kim seo li

  191. dihyung says:

    My name is ah jin le

  192. Artasia Cobbins says:

    Mine is Li Si MI and my sons is Li Seon Seok

  193. Khanhalimakarimullah says:

    Mujhe nahi samjh raha hai can u please explain me my name 22/08/2003

  194. Shub says:

    Chae su ra ? ??

  195. Arifa rizvi says:

    Li do li it sound’s funny there might be some mistake. Sept 14th, 1988

  196. Army Girl says:

    My name sounds akward…
    Kang Dong Chae

  197. Corrupted says:

    Lim Lin Li

  198. Angel says:

    Bae Hyoah

  199. BangtanBaby.8 says:

    Mine is Han Li Ye Bin

  200. Jenny says:

    Ahlin Jang

  201. Pankhuri says:

    My Korean name is Han Jae Li

  202. Jayasree says:

    Kang eun na

  203. yoonie says:

    My Korean name is Chae Su Park

  204. yoonie says:

    My Korean name is Chae Su Park

  205. yoonie says:

    Chae Su Park

  206. Emmah Joan says:

    Han Lim mi

  207. Indumini says:

    My Korean name is Chae Su Rin

  208. Nehal says:

    My korean name is Lim Seong Mi


    November 9,2005 at 12:20

  210. Joy says:

    Jo Jeong Ae

  211. joseph van says:

    my name in korean is Jo Sin Hyeko or Hyeko Sin Jo i don’t know

  212. Ekle Gatsmas says:

    Han Dong Mi

  213. Debasmita says:

    Kang Kyung Ra

  214. Jisoo uniee says:

    My name is ~Kim Ye Li~!!

  215. Hannah says:

    Lee Jun-na I can’t tell if I like it or not

  216. Hannah says:

    My Korean name is ?????….I can’t tell if I like it or not

  217. Neha says:

    What is my korean name ??

  218. J says:

    Han Kyung Li

  219. esha says:

    Jang Seon Min

  220. Cutie_Bun says:

    My Korean name is kim yeong li BTW i m a girl

  221. minesha says:

    Kim Jin Ae

  222. Kyndra Sharpe says:

    My Korean name is Yun Won Rinuh

  223. Katheryn Aldana says:

    Park Hyeon Chae

  224. hand dong rin says:

    Hang Dong Rin

  225. Shravani says:

    Kim bo ra

  226. Sumbal says:

    Knag Su Hui

  227. Vaishali says:

    My korean name is Seo Seo MI

  228. sajdh says:

    be ju guen

  229. Lein says:

    Mine is Park Jae Mi

  230. Urvi Yawle says:

    My Korean Name : Kim Seo Ri

  231. VANESIA says:

    My name is Kang Jimin . it’s pretty weird cuz, like i am a girl and you know, Jimin from BTS and stuff. But it’s chill, I like it.

  232. Yashfa Farhan says:

    Li sin bin

  233. Yashfa Farhan says:

    Li sin bin

  234. Sophia says:

    Hui Yeoung Li

  235. Horten says:

    jo myeong jun

  236. Zanadi says:

    Jo jin mi

  237. Sally says:

    my korean name is Bae Bo Rin

  238. Kim seo-woo says:

    My korean name is Lim Jae Rin

  239. Hajra sayyed says:

    Jo seong chae

  240. Krizel Kesia says:

    I am Park Kyung Rin

  241. Shweta Massey says:

    Min jae seo

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